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Are you guys ready for tomorrow? Today we’ve prepared some fantastic Halloween hacks that will make your next party unforgettable. We show you some easy DIY costumes you can make in 5 minutes and other cheap Halloween decorations that won’t cost you a penny. Don’t forget to try our funny Halloween pranks that will also creep your friends out.
I show you how to make fake blood using corn syrup, baby powder, and red and blue coloring.
Are you dressing up as a chicken this Halloween? Then don’t forget to use rubber kitchen gloves to create realistic chicken feet. Watch the video to see how to wear them and stuff them.
If you want to kick things up a notch with some skin prosthetics, I show you how to make a DIY putty using flour and Vaseline.
Don’t forget most of the DIY costumes I show you don’t require you to go out and buy anything. Just some tape will do the job.

0:25 – DIY fake blood
1:48 – Cute Elf ears
4:12 – Maleficent costume
5:42 – Tasty Halloween foods (creepy)
6:09 – The grape costume
8:32 – Awesome futuristic costume

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Tyanah Dove says:

These were great thanks ❤️

The Fire Gaming Official says:

Triggered insaan should roast this !!

Eureka Shine says:

Me and my mom actually did the trash bag one yesterday for our party. But we used a wig, basketball, blankets, towels and pillows. Pretty cool. We put her in a hole and pretended like my dad was flirting with her so we killed her?

Aarushi Deshmukh says:

Triggered Insaan should roast this?

•sir skelly berri• says:

I literally can’t tell if these comments are bottled or not o.o

siddharth jaiswal says:

2:58 you can also use it as a dead body (prank) by applying some fake blood on it

Matt G says:

Kids find poop bags on Halloween

EllaBuilds_ RBX says:

They totally didnt steal any of the hacks from Troom Troom.??

Aditya sikander puare says:

Where are you from 5 minutes crafts

LOST says:

To the person reading this,

you can read.

Sahana Singh says:

Not good at all

Mohammed Hassan says:

Who likes 5-Minute Crafts or 123go
I like 123go
Coment down below

witch circle says:

Like it?

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Gauri Sinha says:

Nice video……….??????

Seyran Beyaz says:

I hate that one girl doing that with her lipss??

Limit Hacker says:

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Rajjak Miya says:

Nice work #rjanythingcolor

Alexus Johnson says:

5:37 when you're planning to get your two friends that you ship together on date that neither of them know about*

San S says:

Dose everyone know this channel is 5th place right now on youtube

Robbie Lambert says:

In case you didn’t hear this tody:
– good morning
– you look beautiful
– your outfit is hella cute
– your hair smells good
– good job
– you’re smart
– keep going
– stay strong
– bon appetite
– you have great music taste
– I love you
– good night
– love you guys ❤️??

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Kyra P says:

3:19 #lonelybutt

brookie cookie says:

At 4:15 soo your coustume is how to get struck by lightning. Good Idea ?

Tonya Lovelace says:

Your diy making is so cool

Eviella says:

9:23…Her circulation ok…?

Hania says:


Hafida Nahin says:

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