Dream Minecraft Mask Tutorial! (Halloween mask)

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in today’s video, i will teach you guys how to make the minecraft youtuber Dream’s Mask! This will only take you like 5 minutes, and with halloween around the corner, you can allure some friends that know of him!


DrizzeDude says:

Hopefully you guys enjoyed this video! 🙂 I only posted this because i was bored xD

Mr QuackT says:

Wow. That's so cool and a good content. I love it.

TheRylenator says:

How do you see?

Toxic - Wasteland says:

I'm being dream for halloween, thanks sm!!

Edit: say hi to your new subbie 😀

Arthur Leal says:

Thank you very much dude, I was already in the mood to do a cosplay of dream. Now you give me more inspiration, Thank you very much indeed

Jamison Mann says:

Pog champ, just what I was looking for

TJmusic says:

yo look at me i am dream

Rose_Bubble says:

I wanna cosplay for Halloween, but I don't think I'll be able to go out this year and I don't even have a cosplay ready, so I just wanna make something simple, like this. Thanks man! 😉


Is it just me or did other people get scared when the screaming thing came on? xD

Snowkip 2 says:

this was cool i approve

Tabuzo Lyanna Grace says:

this was so helpful thank u :>

cupcakemations says:

Dude is underrated
I thought he'd have about 24k subs but he only had two digits

Sawyer Myers says:

4:04 Yes I want to display my Paper Plate

Femmy IJpenga says:

Thanks, i wanted to do this but i din't now how to make it, but now i now how to make it

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