DIY Halloween Minecraft Witch Perler Bead Figure

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How to make a Minecraft Witch perler/artkal bead figure and potions for Halloween! This villager weighs the same as a Minecraft chicken, which can float, which means it’s made of wood and since wood burns, it must be A WITCH!!! BURN HER!

0:00 Witches in Minecraft
1:22 Templates
1:44 Ironing
2:20 Assembly
8:00 Mini Potion
9:21 Montage & Shoutouts
(c) Victoria T. 2020


Supplies to look into*:
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Shiny Ironing Film:
Mini Artkal Beads Sets:
Sorted Artkal Bead Sets:
Beading Accessories:
Amazon Perler Beading Supplies:

PS The projects that I designed are not for commercial use. If you want to recreate or modify one of my project templates and post it, please tag me @QDCrafts or #qdcrafts so I can see it and remember to always BE CREATIVE! 😀

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Here’s a poem:
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QDCrafts says:

What's your Halloween costume this year?

brian says:

Your vids are unique and I love them. I wondering if you can make a Durag from among us and use the purple skin. If you can make that, that would mean a lot. Thank you

Bead Creations says:

This is so cool

LJHori says:

Can I please try to make a Minecraft panda next???☺️

Pumpkin Hamster says:

Pls make merchandise

Pumpkin Hamster says:

I love your 3D designs

Also btw love vids

Xavier Lescault says:

i like you videos but can you make a wither
and if you do then i will be on my way

Lêåvës 777 says:

Btw you can use dye to dye the water in the cauldron

Thorin Mesker says:

what are you gonna be qdcrafts?

Thorin Mesker says:

I don't have the right colors for this, but I wish I did! I don't have that much because my mom and dad don't buy me that much colors:(

Thorin Mesker says:

i'm gonna be a taco:)

Adriana Paola Rivera Serra says:

Can you do more tutorials easy

Adriana Paola Rivera Serra says:

Hey I love your channel

gianna petit says:

I can’t have social media’s 🙁 and I’m going to be a Starbucks drink 🙂

joyce zhang says:

Your hat design is so smart???

Brynna Bowser says:

Ive been following you since you had around 5,000 subscribers around 4 years ago and i love you so much ☺? i love the videos you make and all the 3d perler bead stuff, i would make them all if i had enough variety of colors but i still use the perler brand. You were the first and only perler account i still keep up with who still uploads somewhat consistantly, and i thank you so much for that! I cant wait to watch the videos you have to come!

Daniela Fontalvo says:

Me hubiera gustado que hicieras el gato negro :3

Gabriel Zlatev says:

make a craft with eyes closed

Melissa Nesteruk says:

I love your Minecraft video peeler bead ❤️

Meme Cross says:

HELLO, good video! ???

Sydney Block says:

HI QD Crafts You are so creative I love you'r videos there so helpful! I will Make this one i love it s much ! Thank you! PS. for Halloween i am going to be a sloth i love them Maybe can you make one?? And can I please Have a sot out??!!?❤️

J Hurlburt says:


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