How to Carve a Pumpkin like a Pro – Easy Halloween DIY by Warren Nash

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Get into the Halloween spirit and learn how to carve a pumpkin like a pro. Great to do with kids as it’s really easy to do with hardly any tools.

Go crazy and carve your pumpkin into something funny or darn right scary! Either way, it’s a great DIY project for this time of year.

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Tools and supplies you’ll need for this project:

– Knife
– Tea light candle


Chaya Marciano says:

I just went pumpkin picking it was so fun and after I carved it j

utkuserhunacar says:

Thank you very much for this amazing video, so helpful!

Evan Cleary says:

Thanks. That was very helpful. Now to go and try that. ; )

Simone Ravizza says:

Thank you man, it was easy and the result was great

javier navarro says:

It is fun but hard

CLPNetwork says:

Just carved a miniature pumpkin with my daughter. Thanks chief!!

Wu Miranda says:

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Angel Gaming roblox says:

But your a pro

Angel Gaming roblox says:

It’s hard

Vort3X_07 says:

In India pumpkin spice r not so orange. Why?

Daily Nihilist says:

just carved my first pumpkin thanks to your tutorial! #spooktober2020

Ms. Nikki Onflee says:


Pop Up Card says:

good ideal for you:

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