DIY Paper Doll | Thin & Fat Prom Costumes Dresses Handmade Quiet Book | Barbie Story & Crafts

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DIY Paper Doll | Thin & Fat Prom Costumes Dresses Handmade Quiet Book | Barbie Story & Crafts

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Doll Closet is a channel that shows you the secret behind the glamorous beautiful doll wardrobe. Do your girls and boys have a DIY project running on deadline or left unfinished? Then Doll Closet will provide some guidelines and motivation to get them out of screen time and practice their motor skill with DIY craft like paper, paint and many other ingredients. The channel shows how to make a doll get in fashion with simple drawing and coloring skill.
Don’t underestimate the power of doing DIY activities. Because It will grant adults much more benefits than they can imagine. Like developing audiovisual abilities:
❤️ Improving memory.
? Enhancing problem solving skills.
? Having better mobility and becoming more observant of the details.
And emotional restoration:
? Stress relief.
? Releasing hidden emotions and getting more positive emotions.
? Increasing emotional intelligence.
Hope you guys enjoy the beauty of Doll Closet. New episodes will be released every week. Don’t forget to subscribe to support us.
All episodes are owned by SCONNECT CO., LTD., and licenced under Creative Commons Attribution.
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One Darling says:

Wow, so beautiful dress for Thin people

Andrea Vance says:

0:50 She's wearing high heels for the gym??

Rose White says:

Thin or fat we are all beautiful

Stella Paper Art&Craft says:

Great one? as always❤ very detailed and lovely dools. I know it is one of the top qualities

Erika Reyes says:

Hola soy Nicole Reyes

Doll Studio - Official Channel says:

Change to become more confident !!!!


Thanks for watching. Have a nice day


Peter Edwards says:

Dress well whether you are fat or thin

Robin Labert says:

Thin or fat you are all beautiful

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