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Hay guys!
Today is going to be a crafty fun video for y’all! It’s a little tutorial on how to make your very own custom Minecraft head!
If you have any concerns or toubles, comment them below and I’ll try my best to help! 🙂

here is the site to get your skins head layout if you aren’t able to find it:

Hope you enjoy these types of videos, if you do leave a comment saying you’d like to see more videos like this in the future! 🙂
Send me a picture on twitter of your head, if you decide to make one, I’ll be overjoyed to see what you guys have done! ^^

see you guys and love you!


Extra little things:




LilElite says:

Just Joking xD

LilElite says:

hey thats ma mama !!!

Littlekenny gaming says:

How do you Make your thumbnails

Littlekenny gaming says:

Wanna make Minecraft vids together

Lil' Budder says:

Really helpfull video, helps people to be creative with Minecraft 🙂

Patrick Brouwer says:

can u do it on normal paper too??

Shxrman says:

or for the cardboard part you could go to officemax and have them print it onto the cardboard

Андрій Лобач says:

I downloaded a skin head in Chrome and I do not know how you transferred them to tell Word Please

Tamryn Holdsworth says:

what is a4 paper

Andu says:

can i wear this if i make it? im thinking about being my mc skin for halloween

EnchantedBlueDragon says:

Brilliant video very enjoyed it

EagleArts says:

I really loved this tutorial. It's this kind of stuff that I like the most because you are showing your creative side and its this that will get you recognised the most. I'll probably consider making my own one someday. Looking forward to your next creative video. 😀

dlanor alaks says:

I'll make sure to try that ?

Gigi Bussey says:

Awesome video, well detailed, and put together!

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