Heidi Sonboul DIY Challenge | Minecraft Crafts | Back to school kids desk| Teacher gift ideas

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Hello all my recycled crafters!!!

Here is Heidi’s channel ⤵️⤵️⤵️

The playlist link to watch some inspiration for back to school ideas!

Who’s ready for BACK TO SCHOOL!!!!! I have never seen my son more excited to be going back to school, different but still in his new classroom! ??? so I decided to create a desk for his room with a Minecraft theme cork board and desktop organizer for homework…. or in case the schools decide to go back to Virtual Learning! This is the perfect setup for my new 3rd grader!

I truly enjoy creating unique recycled/up-cycled DIY home decor and making this Fall decor piece was a blast and so inspiriting. My style is modern BOHO, & farmhouse rolled into one! I love being myself in all aspects and adding pops of color throughout my home decor. I hope you enjoy this video and check out my other videos and Winter decor Playlists.


* Ryobi hot glue gun

* Gorilla Glue sticks

*Corkboard sheet squares- if you haven’t seen them at your Dollar Tree!

* My favorite Apple Barrel paint colors

* Affiliate links- I do get some support if you check out and purchase these products. Thank you for your continued love and support! And keep crafting y’all


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Lindsey G says:

You can get nitrile coated work gloves at hardware stores or in the automotive section at some Dollar stores that will protect your entire hand from the hot glue. ? My boys love minecraft too! Love these ideas.

Lori Blye DIY says:

Wow! These are unbelievable, you are so creative!! I am sure any little boy would love these in their room ~ I worked in an elementary school for 13 years and I know my teachers would have been so happy to receive one of the gift bags/baskets! My son grew up during the Pokemon generation, so that's my expertise LOL! You did an amazing job with the MInecraft!! XXOO

DIY's & Crafts with Ana says:

Everything looks fantastic! Love what you did with the basket. TFS.

Connie's Nails & Creative Creations says:

This is awesome

Lucia Zuniga says:

Everything is amazing, love , love the Minecraft decor, my I kids used to play it according to studies it help the brain to exercise, awe the bag Im sure the teacher will be so happy to receive it, I work on a school as a receptionist, we went back this week we have mix feelings about this year, praying for the best , God bless you Julia ???❤️??❤️

DIY With Nadia says:

This would be an awesome present to do for my nephew who is also a mincraft fan. Thanks for sharing girluy, xoxoNadia☕️

GingerChickRehab says:

Great theme. This is a awesome idea. Thank you for sharing your idea???✏️

andreahaar60 says:

I totally agree with you on that boy things. I was never able to find a lot for my son when he was little. I'm very thankful that they're all grown now and I don't have those expenses too, lol I am absolutely so nervous for my grandchildren to go back to school. What are your thoughts on sending them back now? If I did have Littles to send back into the world right now I think I would just keep them home and know they're safe and they're not going to die. This past Sunday my son-in-law lost his grandfather decoded he was perfectly healthy. his grandma tested positive for it and his dad also lived there to help take care of them and he tested negative. We're just sitting on pins and needles and hoping for the best for them as they stay in quarantine. It's such a scary world that were in now. I'm sending you the highest vibrations and lots of love as you send your Littles out to school this year.

Heather Mogle says:

Your Minecraft station for your son turned out so cute! My youngest son is 8 also ? I showed him this and he gasped ? I think he really like it. Great idea for a teacher gift and so thoughtful, my son is doing virtual school, here in California no schools are open ? TFS❤️

Artsy Cupcake says:

I loved all of your crafts! Such a fun idea! ??Maria

Julie Davies says:

Such a great idea to weave the rope through the basket. Love the x detail.

Victoria H says:

Wow! Such a detailed DIY! Love the basked idea! I've just subbed to your channel as haven't seen your videos before! Hope you like My teacher gift idea and become my friend for future DIY Collabs / Challenges! Have a wonderful Fall Season!

Diana Aguilar says:

Both are great!


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