DIY | Air Dry Clay (Easy Recipe!!)

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Our first summer break project was a huge success…this homemade clay will be a homerun for kids of all ages! Don’t forget to subscribe for new vids every M-W-F

• ½ cup of cornstarch
• 4 oz white glue
• 1 TBS lemon juice
• 2 TBS oil

1. Add ½ cup of cornstarch, then 4 oz of glue.
2. Mix them together until there’s a smooth icing like consistency.
3. Add 2 tbs of oil and 1 tbs then give a quick mix.
4. Pop in microwave for 30 seconds, take out give it a quick mix and place back in for 30 seconds.
5. After its done take a wooden spoon and move around the bowl until it has dough-like consistency.
6. Remove clay and place on parchment paper, and gently knead it with cornstarch until it’s no longer sticky. It should have smooth creamy texture.

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White Leopard says:

Who else watched because youtube recommended them and they are not mom

Rainbow star Tubers says:

i have glue in my room but now in my kitchen

Ruby Singh says:

Han han clay hota hai lekin Achcha

Peachy Sunset says:

This can probably mold because of the oil and lemon juice

Wall Hax says:

I think thats how they make magical clay on navalua family

Erraticatt says:

I have a feeling that a few people don’t have cornstarch, so instead you can substitute it with flour. Just keep in mind that with the cornstarch it’s going to work a lot better

Mariah Mendez says:

I used the same ingredients mine turned out stiff and just not good I am upset so I am going to try a different recipe

Queen of cuteness _ملكة اللطافة says:

Can we use clear glue?


Parchment paper is butter paper right

Ayesha Siddiqui says:

Who's not a mom but still watches this because they're bored in quarantine

Drishti Batra says:

Can we use yellow

fevi gum rather then white ?

spidy one says:

I dont care abiut kids just show tutorial plz

Ayushi's World! says:

Nice! I have the same video! Check on my channel! It's really good

Chabeng Gatmaitan says:


Meggy Munch says:

Linkin is so cute

Malar Ma says:

Can we use it for craft
After drying does it last for years without getting fungus ??

Aileen Gonzalez says:

Umm my house burn down

Knowledge That u all need says:

Portia Amores-Barranda says:

im doing this for my art class!!! im so happy?

Aestheticrxse says:

Does PVA glue work?

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