DIY Rat Maze Super Mario Game Style

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Slime Sam loves video games. And he even wants to play them in real life! This time he made a Super Mario obstacle course to save his precious candy. Super Mario IRL – that’s how he calls it. But he was too loud while playing and scared his pet rat Tater Tots. To make up for that, Sam and his friend Sue are making a Super Mario rat maze from cardboard!

This maze is bright and colorful and looks just like one of the game levels. You can make one, too, if you want to entertain your pet rat. Ask your friends to help you. It’s so much fun!

You will need lots of cardboard, as well as paints, hot glue, small magnets and a piece of clear plastic to act as the front wall. You can decorate the maze in any way you want. Sam and Sue tried to make it look just like a screenshot from the game.

7:25 Watch the brave rat Tater Tots pass the maze like a real super hero! It’s almost like watching a game stream, right?

Sam was so impressed with the maze, he wanted to try it out, too. But something went wrong. Watch the video till the end to find out what happened!

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