Minecraft In Reality! DIY 3D Block Maze For A Hamster

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Sammy was bored playing the computer game and decided to transfer Minecraft into reality! And Sue came up with an idea to create a whole game! Minecraft with a character and a reward for completing it!

It will be a Minecraft maze! Sue already prepared something and even decorated it in Minecraft style. But don’t worry, there’s still a lot of work for Sam to do! Our maze is in Minecraft style, so it will be square, of course! To make it more durable we will add external walls. Here we also have the layout of our future obstacles. The external part will have a whole set of steps of different height and complexity. Our character will start from the starting point and then climb up. There will be an actual maze waiting for them on top. Then they will climb down along the other wall and get inside. There will be more obstacles and the prize! And the character of our cardboard game will be… One of our pets! Hamster Ginger! We are so fond of making crafts for our pets! And don’t worry – we take good care of everyone!

We just need to add a few small details! They will make our maze more diverse! First, we’ll make a hanging bridge. It’s very easy! And then we just need to glue the upper maze!

Fun fact! Recently hedge mazes became very popular. They are built at medical facilities for rehabilitation. And they also help doctors to relax after a hard day at work. So the hamster chosen by Sam will also get some anti-stress therapy in our green maze!

Finally, we have created Minecraft in reality! Our maze looks great! Shall we start, then? Ready, set, go!

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