12 Spellbinding Harry Potter Crafts and DIYs

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Learn how to become a DIY wizard with these 12 magical Harry Potter themed crafts!

0:00 – DIY Prophecy Ball
0:46 – DIY Wands
1:16 – Harry Potter Fridge Magnets
1:42 – Flying Broomstick
2:14 – Eye of Newt Potion
3:00 – Hanging Giant Spider Decor
4:02 – Monster Book of Monster
4:43 – Harry Potter Dresser Upgrade
6:10 – Skele-Gro Potion
6:56 – Hogwarts House Ties Bookmarks
7:59 – DIY Magic Chocolate Frogs
9:15 – Hogwarts House Emblems Decor

Craft Factory will teach you how to DIY – from upcycling old clothes to transforming food into pretty designs, we have it covered.

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The spider though ?


All these muggles trying to fell special like:

Charlie-May Gooding says:

I know you arent five minute crafts you just remind me of them but better

Bobby The Turtle says:

The funny things muggeles do to mimic are magic

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Is levioosa Not leviosaaa says:

Hermione approves

Ekaterina Demchenkova says:

OMG I LOVE IT!!!!! Can u do a series of Harry Potter things to make during quarantine, bc we don't have those things rn.

CinemaChronik says:

La chaîne Anima Veritas a fait un superbe DIY de la carte du marauder:


Stuart Dinsdale says:

Yeah take a drum stick and hot glue and make wand???

Chloe Harris says:

Omg the dresser was so good. However, if I tried that, it would go as bad as Seamus's wingardium leviosa.

Lidya Lee says:

But we are not allowed use magic out of school??!!

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