Moving around in my Minecraft Costume

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This was my first time having the entire costume on while painted.


Martin Pomp says:

cursed video


i made a steve costume exactly like that for halloween, sadly i took one step down the stairs and tripped ripping the arms open(the steve arms not mine) if u could mabye we could talk on skype about how i can improve my costume im planning try this again in 2014 halloween my skype name is haloreachfan123

SomeoneWhoBlends says:

Can you please make a tutorial on how to make this?? I wanna do it for Halloween

balk says:

shaddup and take mah fucking monehs

Kaseydog9 says:

Please make me one i subscribed to your channel.

Dennis Bonilla Lamboy says:

I am currently making a Minecraft costume, and since I am not one that spends a lot, i am just going to print out the whole colors, so the pixels will be exact, and I'm thinking i would spend around 30 dollars on color, and I got the cardboard for free at a local store (lots of supplies cardboard).

TheChosenJuan says:

@luigidudeful i used house paint so that i got the perfect color, then i sprayed it with clear glossy paint.

CrazyCucco Old Cringe Account EW says:

PLEAse make a herobrine costume or change steves eyes and walk around in a scary voice saying im herobrine run

EliteSparkZz says:

me too i want one

Krissinator says:

If you took commissions to do people's skin, that would be badass.

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