Minecraft Costume Tutorial! (Part One Of Two?)

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Hey Guy’s! What’s Up? I know It’s Been A While Since I Last Uploaded, But That’s Going to Change, Starting…. Now! Anyway, In This Video, I Show You How To Make Your Own Minecraft Costume!

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If You Guy’s Want, I’ll Be More Than Happy To Make A Tutorial On How To Cut It Out. 🙂


Tüftler2002 says:

Part 2 please

Buettler Music says:

Thx, that was very helpful, now I can finish my Steve costume 🙂

Keeper0fwar says:

Well, stop it.

Cole-io says:

I am honestly procrastinating.

Keeper0fwar says:

Indeed it has!

Cole-io says:

Been a while since you've posted a video :3

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