DIY- How to make Minecraft Cake Earrings!

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super easy and fun to make fore any type of season and sorry my mic doesnt work 😀


S RowBo says:

this is ihascupquakes video… i literally just watched it.

Leslie Salgado says:

Lier it ihascupquake it seen her videos. Her hair at the end and her face.

axmy says:

Description is lie she copied iHasCupquake

Amelia Hartman says:

Description is a lie

CamLovesMinecraft says:

Also at the end we no that it ain't you because we see Ihas cup quake s face and pretty purple hair

CamLovesMinecraft says:

I read the discription
YOUR A LIER it does work you muted the sound so we can't here that this isn't ihascupquake
I literally just watched this EXACT same video on ihascupquakes channel you freaking dirty liar it's bad to do this

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