Easy DIY Minecraft Grass Block cake

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Easy Minecraft Grass Block cake

Items used
2 8 inch cake square (cut into 4 layers)
Chocolate cake (recipe on my channel)
Buttercream frosting (recipe on my channel)
Cake offset spatula
Cake turntable
10 inch cake board
Wilton color gel: green, brown
Added cocoa powder to make frosting darker in brown
Wilton tips: grass tip, 2B

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༇ꐕAction To Answer ̊.༄ ❪Treasure❫੭ु‧?॰ says:

That looks delicious.

Imani Williams says:

Your son is cute

Imani Williams says:

I like how u make cakes can u give me a shout out plz

Jill Hager says:

Peekaboo little sweet one!
Love that your kiddo decided to say “Hi!” ❤️

Jessica Mendoza says:

Looks so good!! Just too much frosting

Liz Mendez says:

You are so unique and creative!!! I love it!!!

Brandy J. says:

Cute! It looks delicious too!

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