DIY Minecraft 3D Perler Bead Cube with Creeper

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Learn how to make this adorable Minecraft Cube with a chibi creeper on top. It’s super easy to make and I hope you guys enjoy it. I used perler beads and hama beads to create this project. I purchased by hama beads at Good luck!


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josh Fields says:

I fined twezers make it so much esaer

Star the shooting star says:

Sooooooooo cooolllll+cuteeeeeeeee??

moviespdv says:

could have been better if you slowed down w/o skipping over parts?⚠

김혜선 says:


Neko- Chan says:

I love minecraft craft and u are an idol for sure

Lazerpuppies Bell says:

I really like this it's super cute also where did you get those beads at

Jennifer Evans says:

I just had to subscribe your channel is so elegant

iiXZY. says:

Wut is that a MINECRAFT video?

t h I s c h a n n e l d I e d says:

It's so sad that she doesn't even know it's called TNT. ?

crazycoyotie says:

Flying Mio grate job ~~ what I do if ironing melts the beads 2 much thy don't fit right ill  hold the 2 pieces together then iron it together it shore bets gluing  (LOL)

Coca Cola is bae Pixel gun adventurs says:

I made one and gave it to my friends mom because she didn't go to school but are moms are friends that's how I know her ,anyways she had cancer and she loved playing minecreft and then her mom gave it back to me because she pasted away with a horrible cancer condition so I still have it and I will always have it to remember my old friend Victoria

Oriana_kopczuk says:

I am a giant fan of Minecraft, but I LOVE crafts! You're like an idol

Toxen L30 says:

For the smaller beads have you tried using a sewing needle instead of a toothpick? I am aware that this is a video from 2 years ago but just wanted to share

mia clark says:

please don't make everything cute

Kim Carter says:

Great video…think I'll try this for my son.The Hama beads you've used are the smaller size Hama beads. The standard size Hama beads that are the same size as Perler Beads.

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