DIY – How to Make: Doll Photo Studio – Handmade – Doll – Crafts

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by request: It’s picture time!! Take your dolls to this Fabsome Doll Photo Studio and give them the photo shoot of a lifetime!! We show you how to make Lights, Custom Photos, Backdrop, Studio, Camera and more!!

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Sloane's Channel says:

I love your crafting!

gymnastics queen says:

What can i do because i have no scrapbook paper???

Aamina Miller says:

You are an amazing creative person

valgar boys ADFC says:

I am your fan

valgar boys ADFC says:

Your all ideas are?????

Reanas Fire says:

Photo studio don't actually have windows you know.

A Drone's Eye View says:

I like. Very well done. Thank you for the how to Barbie studio.?

Barbie edits says:

How do i get all that cardboard

Abigail Fantail says:

Frog some video

julezze says:

I love this!

Organized life with Kritaja says:

it was best craft evver?

Randa Elwazir says:

Do a school year book photo.

Æsch Trash says:

make a hole doll juose with no scrap book papper

Chloe says:

MyFroggyStuff Please make a DIY playground!!!!

Love Animals says:

Can u please make a doll playground

sprinkle ice cream says:

Which type of glue did u glue this hole video??

Erin. says:

An American girl version would be amazing!
Thanks 🙂

Yusra Hashim says:

I love u myfroggystuff I'm trying to make your coffee shop but I can't find a box?

ToyZone M&L says:

Can you please make a boat for the dolls

Emmie Idk says:

Make a doll staircase so u can climb up on to the second floor! Gimme a shout out plz

Eleni Kiriakou says:

hi i love your videos can you plis do a water park for a doll ❤

Em, ily. says:

If I upped the size would I be able to make a human-sized one?

Crystal Bloomer says:

so cool
you are so good

Viet Ha Nguyen says:

Do you like ever after high? I am a fan of ever after high! Who else?

Fast Break Broadcast says:

where do you get your suppleis?

narnial says:

lps cupcake tv subscribe? ?

the Queens says:

I think it could be better

Squishy Squad says:

Make doll skis

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