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Do you have a bunch of old toys laying around with no use for them anymore? Today, I give you some amazing tricks and hacks that will help you repurpose them into useful items around your home.
Take an old stuffed toy, cover it up with PVA glue, and then remove some of the stuffing from the inside. After that, place a battery-operated light inside and turn it into a cute lamp right next to your bed. You can get even more creative and wear the teddy bears on your slippers.
Another great idea is to use Legos on your notebooks. You cover the notebook with hot-glue and then you add a Lego base piece on top. After that you start adding Lego pieces for fun designs and voila. If you’re going to a party and you want to show up with a bold look, stick Lego pieces on your high heels.
Watch until the end to see how to repurpose dominos into coffee table coasters and how to turn toys into decorative plant pots.

0:07 – How to recycle teddy bears
3:19 – Brilliant uses for Legos
5:26 – Turn toys into home decorations
8:30 – DIY sewing truck
11:35 – Awesome room organizer
13:52 – Creative uses for old toys

This video is made for entertainment purposes. We do not make any warranties about the completeness, safety and reliability. Any action you take upon the information on this video is strictly at your own risk, and we will not be liable for any damages or losses. It is the viewer’s responsibility to use judgment, care and precautions if one plans to replicate.

The following video might feature activity performed by our actors within controlled environment- please use judgment, care, and precaution if you plan to replicate.


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JJ says:

this channel is so dumb


You can aser life hacks of how not to make a fool of yourself

SakuraOverseer Abilities says:

Yassssss I wanted my shoes (FOR BOYS) inside legos and then I will need to go to the hospital for my suffering

ujwala daniel says:

In second hack if you want to click a photo how will you click

Klapchop says:

Me when I step on a 1×2 lego: ?@#??%^&$#$#%
5-Minute Crafts: mAKe S0mE fREaKinG h1gh hEELs!

Kelly Stargazer says:

Um is anyone gonna talk about how DESTURBING 4:55 is?!?!

Marek Šulc says:

3:42 f*%k no more please

Aiping Liu says:

you are just making fake ideas so you can make money.

LEXKYL says:

I am in a Surge to make you all happy? Please support Me, Please Bros and Sis?

Grace Bearss says:

Maybe instead of doing these hacks that break in a day donate them to kids that need them

shimpi borah says:

Do your face reveal

John Goldsworthy says:

recycle old baby doll create demon

Devika Ajeesh says:

Ooh are u telling me to destroy my treasure?

Anannya singh says:

Your hacks are good but you are wasting them

Mattia Rossi says:

Questo video è inutilemente terribile, una merda.

Syed Ali says:

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DIY Arshiya says:


S. Vaishnavi says:

But every toys are super cool I don't do but I love this video I keep my dolls safe and forever

Roblox With Zack says:


Loose- Hotline says:

Sure do love having your phone case the size of my backpack shaped like a teddy bear

Aspen Violet says:

Ok, the cat phone thing would be really good for kids trying to sneak extra games when they are supposed to be sleeping. Just saying

Aspen Violet says:

Am I the only one that watches these when I can’t sleep…I always end up falling asleep watching them ???

Obese Monkey says:

2:29 when the only toys you can afford are a lion and 5 pieces of cardboard

Obese Monkey says:

whats andy doing to buzz?

parteek arora says:

Most useless thing on this earth is 5 minutes craft's creators

Sergei Sourkov says:

Тези неща са много непрактични

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