Minecraft – How to make a working refrigerator (EASY)

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Well, this is the coolest most easiest way I know how to make a minecraft Refrigerator


Below_Zero says:

I'll join you in that.

RainBowChild says:

Best fridge ever! I need to install one of those in my real life home…

Below_Zero says:

Why thank you 🙂

TheTvlord108 says:

my god your smart

Below_Zero says:

@Pipl0 ikr, same here

Pipl0 says:

@Zernet10 Im so hungry now, lol

Below_Zero says:

@Pipl0 haha yah, You can always fill it with different things so every-time you don't know what you get…Yummy.

Pipl0 says:

You should have filled the dispenser with cakes XD

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