These Halloween desserts put the "Ooh!" in ooky spooky! | Halloween 2018 | So Yummy

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These Halloween desserts put the “Ooh!” in ooky spooky!

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Breanna Hayes says:

I thought does worms are real

Fernando Perestrelo says:


prathamesh ponkshe says:

Hannibal's Halloween

Lampheng Suyanang says:


Sonia Ferdaushi says:


Mahdi T says:


Uwu mi amorch uwu says:

5:23 yo me hice ese estuvo delicioso pero muy dulce

Ahana Parvaiz says:

I really love this.

sarah tavake says:

Ewwwww so groase when u smacked it

Jorge Huertas says:

ew that is disgostin : /

فـಿـآتن فُےـٱتُےـنٌےـهےـِ says:

هائولا ليس لديهم ذوق في الكل??يلعبون النفس??

Gustavo Borges Gesser says:

Phew good that you didn't put the sound of the toothpick onthestyrofoam

ishrat oishi says:

I've tried all the dishes in Halloween and these are really so tasty

•Milky ._. Tea• says:

Is it just me or some of the foods scare me and make me wanna puke

Nia-Marie Ryan says:

Me: gets dramatic
Parents: 5:43

廣交英祥江 says:


Memes Life says:

The name should've be Eyeball-tini

Im just giving an opinion

Gemma Harington says:

I wanna show up to my Enemy's Funeral  with these foods….

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