Minecraft Jollyrancher Vodka Witch Potions – Quake N Bake

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Minecraft Jollyrancher Vodka Witch Potions – Quake N Bake
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The bottles – http://www.specialtybottle.com/corkedbottlesmi.aspx

This video will show you
How to make jolly rancher vodka
How to make minecraft potions
How to make real life potions

Adding dry ice to drinks is fine so long as
1. You use only ‘food grade’ dry ice, free of various contaminants in industrial grade material.
2.You are very careful not to ingest any of the frozen dry ice.

Darkest Child Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)


Mary-Beth Gaskill says:

I miss watching this

Shakti Solis says:

Omg this takes me back ahh my heart ☹️?

Merayna Reyes says:

Wow memories. I was 8 when I watched this

Hana Elbodon says:

this made me so nostalgic omg 🙁

Charlotte Nelson says:

I'm rewatching all of these like 7-8 years later and realized that now I can actually make them like I wanted to when i first saw them.

lightningkitty8 says:

When I was younger I would watch this all the time and try to make them. Good times

Jacqueline Cruz says:

I miss quake n bake?

wannabe. ackerman says:

im watching for the nostalgia ?

Phoenix lee says:

Omg am i the only one watching in 2020?!? coronavirus lol

maiseyolleh says:

when I watched this 7 years ago I was like oh cool and now I can drink so I'm like hell yea

soyakmal says:

i remember watching thos when i was 6 years old

strangestdreamm says:

i randomly remembered this series so i’m binge watching it

bungle Beegle says:

Who’s watching in 2020 plz like if you are

Houser Jimster says:

She cooking lean

Gacha_Lumar 25 says:

Is that real

iPlay TheFlute says:

Anyone rewatching ihascupquake's videos for the nostalgia

Jewel Siy says:

Who's watching today in 2020??

Cami Reyes says:

Wow when did YouTube become a calendar

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