Easy DIY Minecraft Nail Art Tutorial

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Ashley Inman says:

Wow! Looks like you did so much work for this one! Amazing

Joselyn Ventura says:

My last name is Ventura too

Diamondgirl 101 says:

so cool and I love mc

Suzi Vlogs - Our Life Shared says:

so cclever! and simple if you have patience for putting all the squares on! xx

Hasia Molina says:

the Minecraft nails are adorable I showed to my did she loved it plz make more. ?

zoette says:

coffin nails? really?

MysteriousImage says:

What I use instead of taking the polish and cutting them up, I put tape down and paint the tape.  I find that I usually peal the polish when I try to cut It without tape, for any style.

Gracie Goodwin says:

so cute look hard

gabriel cervantes says:

i play minecraft

Harli G says:

This is so much easier than the version cute polish posted!

love nails says:

I really like your technique friend

Monica Apostolova says:

Greetings from Bulgaria! Girl, you're my idol, your tutorials are so helpfull and easy, very cute!

Creativemadness13 says:

Yay I'm so excited this is awesome!! tfs

Tiffy Star101 says:

does the coat of polish need to be thick?

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