Skype Minecraft Party – All Of Yalls Invited – 1st to call wins (Secret) prize

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I made the prizes, call nao!


wilsterdude123 says:

vinny are you a brony?

TehBBM5 says:


Jason says:

The clip is from hotdiggy demon

OhhRazzkah says:

Do it again =D!

KingCharms says:

aw fuckballs I missed it

VinnyTheRuler says:

– I'll make a announcement video, Ruthless 😀

VinnyTheRuler says:

Well first MLP was announced that they dont care if you upload em' on youtube. Second that was a user created thing, all that was made by Hot Digitey Desmond, NOT a company.

creewarrior00 says:

Hey vinny isn't that clip copyrighted

Anthony Arredondo says:

Serrilioley at 9:00

Player says:

Ahh, the skype, whyunoletmecall ANYONE D:(

VinnyTheRuler says:

VinnyTheRuler – no one's called as of 9:00

ztriw says:

what ur skype name

cghostu g says:

im the only comment

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