How to Make a Minecraft Grass Block Cake

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Do your kids love Minecraft? See how to create a simple Grass Block Cake. It makes a fun and festive birthday cake or a great conversation piece for a Minecraft party! If I can make this cake, anyone can make it!

Print the supply list and instructions for how to make a Minecraft Grass Block Cake –


Cindy Lopez says:

Can you make this cake the day before?

blue mountainss says:

Make more Minecraft

Lynn Murphy says:

You did great! If you freeze your cakes it makes it much easier to put the icing on without your cake crumbling.

Sarah David says:

It would be better to answer questions at the end instead of looking at the computer every few mins while in the middle of explaining! 🙂

SchneiderFam says:

My mom did this better

Destiny Rae Loyd says:

I live in AR too!

Wither Demonstrong says:

Hello my name is grayson

Priscilla Sarellanez says:

Can you make slime videos

Cupcake_Plays says:

Thanks for the recipe, great choosings, quality time!

A Bowl Of Spaghetti says:

Thank you, very entertaining! ???

Stacey F. says:

Nice! Next time try icing your cake with icing without cookies then gently press the crushed cookies (in the palm of your hand) into the icing. It won't break your cake. Also, to prevent cake from breaking make sure your cake is very cold so it's nice and solid and not too soft.

Samuel Martinez says:

Wow nice video

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