DIY Minecraft Creeper Plush

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Download the pattern here:

Hi I’m Paul, and you’re watching That’s PS – Nerdcrafting. This episode I’m going to show you how to make a Minecraft Creeper!

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It’s been awhile since I’ve uploaded a real craft on this channel, but I’ve finally been able to put together a tutorial for you!

This video contains music from Kevin Macleod

The track used in my video is “Cognitive Dissonance”

Here is a direct link to the track:

The license terms can be found here:

Per the license terms, name is included in the description.


ThëRėāłíšt says:

6 hrs later….

Vicentok 016 says:

Creeper,aww man

__LeiionReyn__ says:

Can you really put cardboard if is needed inside? Just thinking about it

__LeiionReyn__ says:

Ahh… Childhood

Mr Copy Clown says:


Aw man

Roxana Osorio says:

Can you do a Roblox one

Aw Some Ricky Guy Roblox says:

You know how you could make a creeper easier and faster?

You buy one…

-Aseelaomg - says:

My mum won't have time for that lol

Quennie Robles says:

i now get why you need the 8x2s it is needed for the extended part under its neck look at its underside picture to understand

Quennie Robles says:

you da best gonna subscribe

Quennie Robles says:

can you make a to scale guardian

Quennie Robles says:

can you make a to scale enderman in the game it is 1 1/25 block taller than creeper

4424dev says:

12 hours…

lizzie smith says:

this is freaking awesome! I just don't have this kinda time or patience ??

제 고추가 작아서 죄송하지만ᅲ says:

so lovely♥♥♥♥

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