DIY Minecraft pickaxe from popsicle sticks v2

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Time for more fun! This time let’s build a Minecraft pickaxe. I thought that could it be nice for viewers if I would provide some instructions in text format in video details? I tried it for the first two layers. I’m not sure.. Insert a comment if you like or not the idea. Instructions can be found below.
v2: Removed 30 minutes of black screen from video
v1: Already released when noticed that the length of the video is too much (Deleted)


o = empty
x = has stick (starting point)
– = empty row
d = down

Sticks total:
26 x 1
6 x 2
22 x 3
2 x 4
6 x 5
2 x 6
2 x 8
2 x 9

Base layer:

Up to down: Left to right:
4o 5x 4o 5x
1o 9x 1o 9x
1o 8x 1o 8x
1o 4x 1o 4x
6x 6x
3x 1o 3x 3x 1o 3x
3x 2o 3x 3x 1o 3x
3x 3o 3x 3x 3o 3x
3x 4o 3x 3x 4o 3x
1o 1x 6o 3x 1o 1x 6o 3x
9o 3x 9o 3x
10o 3x 10o 3x
11o 2x 11o 2x

* 2nd layer (Same for both sides)

4o 5x
2o 1x 2x
2o 2xd 1x
1o 5xd 2o 1x
5o 1x
6o 1x
7o 1x
8o 1x
9o 1x
10o 1x
11o 1x

* 3rd layer (Same for both sides)

2o 1x
3o 1x

Music on the video:

“Crusade – Heavy Industry” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 [1]



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