DIY 3D Perler Bead Minecraft Turtle Figure

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I like turtles

(c) Victoria T. 2020


Supplies to look into*:
Amazon Perler Beading Supplies:
Mini Artkal Beads Sets:
Sorted Artkal Bead Sets:
Shiny Ironing Film:
Beading Accessories:

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Here’s a poem:
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QDCrafts says:

Thank you to everyone who joined the premiere! If you want to see more Minecraft animals or other characters, let me know in the comments! I''ll search for them in my world and see if I can make a new design! 😀 Skip to 2:46 for the tutorial!

Asia Cichoń says:

Oh i wish i had those colors but my parents are not just gonna let me buy so many beads couse a already heve 2 packs of pyssla beads (the ones from ikea) 🙁

Jett Mendez says:

i am makeing a Minecraft ghast.

Zhihan Sun says:

You are so talented.

Brave Gamer says:

Super sea turtles

Sulukis [GD] says:

If you don't want the turtle's limbs to move, would gluing them on be fine?

J Dug says:

Hi! I have a per per bead Minecraft bee idea for you. (Charlie, age 10)

Jett Mendez says:

i am a kid by the way

Jett Mendez says:

you should make a fuse bead Ender Dragon

Jake Jones says:

That looks soooooo good!! I think at some point you should try to make the Ender Dragon.

Noob Dot Com says:

Oh my god. TURTLES!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you make more videos of mobs that aren't hostile? I find this very calming.

Alan Tran says:

Thanks so much I made the turtle today

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