Minecraft – Episode 009 – Halloween Update | ipodmail

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Just a quick video before the major update

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Cartime says:

Ya know what? Screw the nether!

(pun on a song)

deathray50 says:

Almost at episode 1…

Tease says:

It's almost 2013 with 913 video's o.0

AksentNetharia says:

Whoops, I kinda messed up there. I meant to say, "sounds weird." at the end.

AksentNetharia says:

Thumbs up if ipodmail saying "…to episode 9 of Minecraft." when it's 2012 and he just posted his 650th video.

Meade says:

and if u c my name my sister chenged it and i dont know how to change it

Meade says:

best update

Filip S says:

halloween update didnot change minecraft 1.8 update changed the whole game

Dominic Panda says:

do the smart moving mod pls

aidan says:

21 people were scared

Kusalin Thanyakullsajja says:

this is made a year ago………

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