Minecraft- How To Make A Dance/Disco Floor

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In this video I’m going to be showing you how to make a simple Dance Floor in Minecraft.

I haven’t made a video in a long time…so here it is!


Coco De Cat says:

Doesnt work in my update

Shibeisme says:

it stayed the same the whole time damnit you failed me xc

Mariana Carballo says:

U hace.haces disímiles adn report

Jonnysinging45 sing says:

that is asome

Пьяный Утёнок says:

я русский блять!

William h. says:

I can finally make a party room

The One Gamer says:

Duck you bitch it went work it keeps shutting off

YAM YAM says:

why it does not color if i put glass in top?
colored glass

Aliplayz45 says:

wtf poo poo wool?

Candy Floss says:

it works so well u have to follow instructions carefully (basically look carefully at what he does and where he places things)!!?

Kelly_Amy _Shines says:

Did anyone's work?Mines didn't all of the redstone lamps just turned on and didn't flicker. ? I'm so disappointed

Zyler Old says:

Thx this helped me a lot. I made one for my brothers bday

DropZ says:

Lol u have hacks i used to hack

Ali Bonadies says:

Wow ur AMZING !!! that's so cool it worked for thx SO MUCH I am subbing u

Planet Gamer says:

Mine is better ?

Jack The Boss says:

zThis video may be a little too fast and complicated. If you don't fully understand you can ask questions in the comments or check the rest of the description.

pokemaster3611 says:

for me it didn't work at all :c idk  what I did wrong

Ingrid Ruano says:

It did not work thanks for nothing

Andrius Rakauskas says:

huhhh gayyyy

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