DIY Hot Wheels car set Miniature | DollHouse | No Polymer Clay!

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How to make a mini Hot Wheels track set – Tutorial Hot Wheels Legends tour
Simple Homemade Toys And Gifts for Barbie dollhouse accessories

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This Hot Wheels track set is also suitable for lol surprise dolls!

Write what miniatures you want to see next time!


Easy DIY Miniatures says:

Write what miniatures you want to see next time.


Wow wonderful I like very much

5sec2HELL says:

I thought they discontinued hot wheels minis not long after the world race.


Ikea damn kitna hai

mr maker sabuj says:

Monster truck

Contessa* Semone says:

A miniature oil tanker semi truck

Fida Ahmed says:

Can you tell me where is these car buying

the irrelevant idiot says:

ah yes original rlc cars miniature i liek!!1

dani jo says:

That was great!

Nanda Nursyffa says:

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Sharmin akter House waif says:

wow amazing

PerkyTomato says:

What is that white stuff it's made out of??

Hugo Liu123456 says:


karen Bredt says:

That is so good, I have been looking forever to find out how to make these for the diarama I'm making for the roads on it, but I was wondering what you were cutting at the beginning that was white ? Keep up your great work and I hope you are able to help me !! Thank you …. Karen.

KDM CHICK Bennett says:

Omgosh! I love you lol I'm in love with this!

Rishav Kartikeswar says:

Thank you mini cars iam finding ☺☺☺

Kleiner Adrian says:

Kanst du mal etwas über Lambo machen in mini

gadget tv cars says:

Nice collection, it's really cool ?
Hot wheels is the best?
I like and suscribe✌️
Really nice job you are the best too?

Nick Osborne says:

I wanted the wheels to move?

sugAr coffee says:

awesome 'w' cute

Syane Gunawan says:

Aku juga punya

The Builders says:

Can you build fortnite

Folakemi Akano says:

Lego blocks
A car that Barbie can sit in
Cups plates bowl
No zipper backpack. …
Sorry you don't have to do all of this but here , you can pick one out of all my ideas. It's your choice how many you want to make! Zero is fine

Folakemi Akano says:

Miniature tape really works

Folakemi Akano says:

All sorts of toys and a toy box … all in one video

goerge bosh says:

Aww cute hotwheel cars ???

ccp fatehhalilintar dan gen halilintar lainya says:

Magic wow????

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