Minecraft:How To Make A Bar

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Heeelo guys. My first minecraft buulding tutorial in a while. In this one i show you guys how to make a bar, as in a drinking bar in a club or pub. A very simple idea, that works quite effectively. Hope you enjoy ! Please, comment, rate and sub, Thanks for watching 😀


ItsNickrochelle says:

i didnt know it could be this easy. thank you.

My Channel says:

Better video on my channel


really helped thx 🙂

Michael Milanov says:

its sooo stupid !

Kamal Kouja says:

What about the Brewing Stand, oh wait that's a really old version of Minecraft

Adbrazer says:

lol cobble :'D

Tekton GR says:

klick klick klick klick XD

Chloe Bowers says:

I did this but on Minecraft pocket edition it's sick thanks 🙂

Cory Williams says:


Steve Gad says:

I was looking to make a pub in my game, so thanks for the good ideas.

James Grant says:

theres a new plugin for tht lol i got it

luke callihan says:

pocket inveditor is awesome my friend showed it to me

Jim Kats says:

furnace in the bar 😀

siren fox says:

when he was saying "I want it that way" he reminded me of harry potter and his British accent

chunkvideo says:

Now let's get drunk!!!

Danimation says:

Cool! I make a bar once, and used potion of poison as the beer! lol people were paying me to drink poison! But I made it poison because I thought the green bubbles coming out the player made them look more 'drunk'. lol I might make another one, even better! XD

redfunker says:

I made it but a little different I made a contraption that so when I pull a lever it brings down metal bars

D Gruhn says:

fog at short lol

Ness4477 says:

hmm very interesting……

e1lio1t says:

heh I love your british accent: "why the hell am I putting glass there"

Matt Senior says:

Hey nice tutorial helped alot 🙂 what is your character skin? Thanks

einar gal says:

nice work!! make more "How to" videos. i have a big house and need to fill my rooms =)
I realy like your videos.

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