How to make furniture in minecraft

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how to make furniture in minecraft

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Elisha Nichols says:

nice billding I like it

Bernadette Husch says:

I am pretty sure you can find good solution on woodprix page 🙂

Josh Drinkwalter says:

Ya piss off bitch

Jay Nugget says:

Guys he's not GAY jeez he tried and that's the best he can do so shut up

Shawn Jones says:

What kind of bedroom was that GAYYYY!


That looks nothing like any kind of furniture!!!!

YMI White Sun says:

that is nothing like a tv

joshua walker says:

that was gay

iceyboey21 says:

could have chose another sonh guy

Janik says:

First, Beds weren't around when this video was uploaded. Beta 1.3 IS NOT 1.3. And second, show some respect, he had nice ideas. If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.

jack dougy says:

you could just speak then put that stupid song on (put thumbs up if you agree)

Alyssa Cho says:

you know u could use a real bed instead of something that looks like it

alyssalikeswolves says:

what server are you on

오소원 says:

The TV ! XD

eden sharon says:

ok the "tv" is not same for enything that relevant to tv!

ATS_ says:

Song sucks end your tv sucks

Mieke van der Watt says:

You know what? This was actually a pretty cool video but the furniture could be improved from what you can do in Minecraft now atleast!! :3

Archloop says:

Exactly my thought.

seth stowers says:

Wow a 4 year old would say that sucks.

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