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Miniature art takes a lot of effort and skill to create. You have to make precise moves in order to make your sculptures come to life and look realistic. In this video, I show you some fabulous miniature art tutorials that will help you create incredible sculptures to decorate your home and improve your art skills.
For your barbie dolls, you can use a button, a cut-out straw piece, and glue lid to make a reading a lamp.
You can also use box office clips, dress them in some colorful fabric and make your own bag for your dolls. For the handles, simply attach a piece of an elastic band on top.
You can also use a bottle cap, and some cut out pieces of plastic from a fork to make an adorable set of stools for your barbie’s house.
Another great furniture idea is to make a TV stand and a TV for the dollhouse. You simply need an old eyeshadow palette to use as the TV and multiple matchboxes for the stand below.
To make things interesting, I show you a great house miniature tutorial that you can try with real building tools – such as bricks, cement, and iron. This is a great architectural project if you’re looking to start out big.
Watch until the end to see how to make your own mini knife and scissors.

0:07 – Incredible hacks for your barbie
3:15 – DIY miniature house from scratch
5:52 – Realistic house roof tutorial
6:42 – DIY mini knife
9:50 – DIY Shower for your dolls
12:57 – Cute mini accessories
15:42 – How to fix your barbies hair


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1:28 when you waste your mom's nail polish

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Chanel’s name – 5 minutes crafts
Leave for a DAY to dry
Me- .………

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