Making the Minecraft Cake!

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Here’s how I made the Minecraft Cake!


TheHappyheart77 says:

Great cake Gina.!..(I still don`t have your address yet?Not sure if you sent it via myemail ,but nothing`s showing in my inbox?.My apologies for not asking sooner ,I`ve got yet another kidney infection ,and this one actually floored me ,and I caved and spent a day or two in bed:(.(didn`t help that our "new" heating system broke again….7th time in 12 weeks!!It`s freezing here and flooding too so not nice when the C/H fails!:(
Hopefully I`ll get this out to¬† you by next week…Hope all is well with you and yours?take care..hugs and love from the UK…Sharon xxxx)

mysonruns says:

Amazing job Gina! Forgive my ignorance. Is minecraft a video game?

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