Minecraft Creeper Marshmallow Lollipop/Pops Party Treats – Super Easy and Fun(No Bake)

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Marshmallow Minecraft Creeper Lollipop – Super Easy and Fun

You’ll need
Square Marshmallow
Jello Lime
Candy Melts(Black or Dark Chocolate) or Black icing
Lollipop Stick

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Yaslee Marie says:

How many days in advance can you make these

Diana Leon says:

where can I find those square marshmallows? or what brand are you using for this video????


I like those marshmallow lollipop things.

Irmak says:

you are so creative

Sharell Veger says:

Please make more rainbow loom vids

Michael Elliott says:

Have you ever played minecraft?

Giovanna Rodrigues says:

I love your videos ??

Memecha mae Ocampo says:

Yummmmmyyy! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Heyo It's Jenn says:

You could have used green sugar sprinkles instead

ItsChloe ! says:

Looks yummy ? ?

Ziayalise Montgomery says:

Yummm…mmm…mmm…I was literally eating the screen when I saw the lollipop. .. that's how good it is…MEH WANT THE LOLLIPOP! !!

jen hadfield says:

1st comment! (After you) <3

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