How to make a Minecraft Papercraft Block

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In this tutorial I will be showing you how to make a Minecraft Papercraft block. You may use these to make stuff from Minecraft or just a cool display.


Mr Stupid says:

It's a butter!!!! XD

Lord_meow_Sambo says:

I subscribed!

Minecraft is super awesome!

Andrew M says:

ummm not the best tutorial

Chris Vipin says:

It's not butter it gold u don't know minecraft or what?!

Crimson Stare says:

#slurpsforlife ?

Aaron Barnett says:

You slurp to much

Jason Torres says:

We could not see for 85% of the time

Anna Blobaum says:

I have 1 subscriber and that's my brother! But I'll subscribe anyway.

EthanMLego says:

Cool vid I love minecraft and when I make these I fail so thx

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