Gingham Soap in a Lego Mold

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Cold process soap with a gingham pattern created by using Legos to build the mold.

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offwithurhead says:

You could use those long skinny legos to keep the columns from moving: that way they are fixed but you still have wide enough holes to pour in.

Lian says:

That moment when you suddenly realized how importnt legos are..?

suzzette1980 says:

Was that cold process soap or glycerine?
They look gourgeous! Thanks for sharing the tutorial! Who would have thought you could use Legos….?

barbie's craft says:

I never thought Lego could be used as molder ???

Kelly Cowell says:

What a genius idea! Well done, and thanks for sharing!

Jennifer Cavenee says:

I wanna use this to make Minecraft block soaps.

Paula Estcourt says:

What an ingenious idea, using LEGO as a mold. Well worth the effort, I love gingham and the soap is amazing.
Well done.

Sandra Leishman says:

I watch this video over and over. Such a great idea!

Taíno PR says:

If anyone claims that molding soap is limited,
I will send them here❤

Paul Brian says:

Such a nice idea. But LEGO is not good mold. And colors not consistency

The Last Homely House East of the Sea says:

Next time?????????? Crikey

Sandra Leishman says:

Wow! That is amazing. Yoy are part engineer!

Jam Sandwich says:

I glanced At The title and I thought it said Gangnam Style In A Lego Mould xD

Sadik Review says:

made it sope

Antilleotheclown says:

Veer very good! Well done and creative soap making.

Melissa Martin says:

This is not the video for those who have even the slightest OCD. Otherwise, I love this idea.

Tracy Lynn says:

Awesome idea. The soap is beautiful. Don't worry about the column being off. Art is not supposed to be perfect or it would look like every other pink gingham soap out there and what fun is that.

Love Bug says:

Love the creativity! Great job!

Bliss WKC says:


Colleen Austin says:

I love it. Leggos! Who knew? I’m subscribing so that I can see when you do it again.

Bonnie Nash says:

What a clever idea ! Looks incredible too.

Lesley Dickson says:

Beautiful soap!

Selin Lashley-Hall says:

hands down you have the most creative and inventive mind!

Maple Flagg says:

This was wayyy tooo cool!!! I love the idea and the creativity that went into this project. Kudos for thinking outside the soaping box! And the soap looks great to boot. ?

H CHL says:

that's is creative !

Natasha Green says:

Melt and pour soap base would be vetter syited for this. I tried it and turned out great 🙂

Andy M says:

looking forward to you doing it again

Woman of the Future says:

Beautiful!!! Definitely worth all the work.

Jenifer Acklin says:

This is amazing!

sgaray86 says:

Genius! My daughter has a ton of Lego's. I guess I know what I'm doing today.

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