DIY Cow Wall Art for $12

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Create your own unique Cow Wall Art with a few simple steps and only $12 for each print! This is a photo transfer project so you can get creative and use any image you like!

Free plans and links to the Cow Printables here –

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joe alvey says:

Would a color print covering the entire piece come out ok

Will W says:

looks so awesome! i had an idea a few months back to do canvas prints on top of my bed of all the places i been and took pictures of but once i saw the price of the canvas printing i put the idea on hold. So question… Would it look the same if i did with color instead of black and white?? thank you ladies!

Lola Ajayi says:

Y’all are cute!

Tessa Emrick says:

No place will print these for me as an engineer print! Has anyone found a place to print these like online or something?

eequalsmcdonald says:

The cow says, 'meow'

Emily Hill says:

I am looking into doing something similar and remembered seeing this video last year. Exactly 1 year later and I'm back!

Linda Keomanivong says:

What color stain did u use for the frame pieces

Taansley LaCount says:

i went to officemax & was charged $12 for one image.. she said bc it was an “engineer size pic but not a blue print” the blue prints are like $1.75 & an image was $12.. did I print the right thing out? lol

TiffanY smith says:

I let them dry overnight and tried again I rubbed very carefully and right away it just started coming off like it did not stick at all to the wood so I'm assuming maybe it's cuz the paint is washable wall paint some of it is sticking but it still has a very small layer of paper as soon as I try to get that off it comes off completely I read that they have a Modge Podge medium transfer for photos so I'm going to try that instead

TiffanY smith says:

Hey just tried this hit a personal photo that I had done at Staples I let it dry for 3 hours want to start running and it came right off I did not put too much glue as you said. The only thing I realize after this because paint I purchased was also washable wallpaint you think that could be a factor

McKencie Perez says:

I just tried at staples in Ca and they can’t print the image on blueprint paper anymore 🙁 says too much ink that is too thin for paper. Gonna try Office Depot but any other suggestions would be great.

Lorena Perez says:

Alguien que me traduzca que pintura y que pegamento uso. Gracias desde Argentina ? ??

Tonia Colwell says:

Love love love it!

Lisa Davenock says:

You get much better results with this method if you use laser prints, not ink jet. You can use this same technique with actual photographs, but again, laser printed images work better.

Stephanie Cole says:

I went to staples to get the engineering prints and they would not print it. They said because there was a gray background it had too much ink and the paper couldn’t hold it. Kinda disappointed. Edit- so I was able to order my print online! Yay

Jessica Gorman says:

So I tried having the prints done at staples.. turns out that the staples here can't do images under the "engineer prints"…. fail….

Christa Shane says:

How do I make a comment on here besides this video? Wondering about the 12 days of Christmas series. Will you being that this year?

Brandy Dryden says:

So to get the print of the cow you pay for it and still stayed under $12? I must be doing something wrong because the plywood is $7 at my store near me and then the trim and then the picture which is about $7. Is there a different way???

4A Productions says:

Will chalk paint works?

jamesandvicki07 says:

Is there a specific type of paint finish? Or is this craft paint? Just wondering if I can use some issuing I have on hand. Thanks!

Steph says:

So many glorious puns!

Jasmine Smith says:

Love this! Would love to see what y’all come up with for a wooden trash can for the kitchen! ?

Lynn Putzel says:

Lady's what is the exact name do you call the 1x2s please let me know love your videos

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