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When you’re trying out new easy cake recipes you are looking to create a delicious sweet dish but every beginner chef” forgets about the easy and creative cake decorations they can try. Some of them are oddly satisfying to look at and easy to try to use in your own DIY cakes for parties. – Who doesn’t love party food after all? Well, in this video I demonstrate easy step-by-step tutorials on how to decorate your cakes using some of my cooking hacks.
Glaze and sugaring paste are some of the ingredients you’ll need. I show you how to use them as stencils to create beautiful 3D decorations for birthday cakes. I also show you how to pour liquid glaze on top of a cake to turn it into a galaxy cake – like the ones we see on Instagram.
You can also add some food coloring to your whipped cream and turn it into a 3D floral cake for your party.
Another creative idea is to pour liquid chocolate and try some fun designs with it. Such as broken chocolate pieces on a white surface cake or floral-looking decoration using strings of melted chocolate

0:07 – Oddly satisfying cake decorations
1:55 – How to decorate your cake using melted chocolate
3:20 – Beautiful chocolate tutorial
3:46 – Rainbow cake – colored whipped cream
5:32 – How to make the moon using glaze
7:19 – Confectionary glaze tutorial
8:46 – How to make pedals using glaze
12:12 – Sugaring paste decorations

#cake #decorations #oddlysatisfying

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Evelyn Green says:

0:32 imagine getting a bite full of seeds??

jen l says:

Some of it is Satisfying

أفكار جديدة says:

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jyotsna singh says:

1:39 J+M= jimin + mochi

vandana Gawai says:

Which is the epidemic sound l like it very much

I Tried says:

I love the thumbnail because it is so fake

Amanda Ewell says:

I lol love 5-min crafts

McKenzie Van Houten says:

2:19 Who thought it was going to be Cookie Monster???

Kavita Yadav says:

I am watching it early in the morning just when i wake up??

Miggy Woods says:


Schleich klisna Pegy says:

The rabit it's cute i have one cute rabit in the home

Schleich klisna Pegy says:

Ou it`s best part

Soumya Soumya says:

i liked this videos

Angela Guo says:

They literally don’t even try to hide the fact they just switched out the crushed candy for colored sugar. Must be having some salary cuts.

always IsTired says:

10:25 it's albino

always IsTired says:

Who just watch this stuff but never actually do it.

always IsTired says:

i just watch this stuff when I don't have headphones….

Karolina Mastalerek says:

Ooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooo

Natalia Lipka says:

Możecie zrobić filmik że nie masz pudru kurdr potrzebuję zmatowienia i wtedy wpada pomysł mogę wziąść krede

Mirella Belltrame says:

Sono belli pero

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