Minecraft:How To Make A Fridge

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Hi guys, another minecraft video today. This shows you how to make a very cool and sexy fridge, its easy to do and awesome Please comment, rate and subscribe. Thanks for watching


ZoraArmor63 says:

Now that 1.8 is out, you can store even more food in there 😀

eatmyfish02 says:

just add an iron door and then it would be very cool.

DesuSoarusrex says:

Change the title to VERY LAME not VERY COOL

Salt0110 says:

@xXHU553YXx I agree my videos are laggy but who cares I enjoy getting views and putting up videos

flokize says:

TV* You Need Gray Wool And White Wool Make it 4×4 white wool And inside make gray Wool

Jhojanez Figueroa says:

Awsome! but plz help me make a dispenser.

Johnny Rat says:

@MichaelYaremchuk you cant get them in-game right now with out invedit.

Chris9427 says:

i dunno why everyone's flamin
its a pretty nice vid, anyway i dont need a fridge, but nice idea
thumbs up for this vid

Griffin Sheldon says:

NOW STOP!… hatin' is bad

rikki g says:

Really mature of you to troll my account because of something my retarded brother said on this video.

123jozef1 says:

@TheLordDAE Have you tried it ? :3

King Walrus says:

@TheGuyWhoRatesShawn so because he's british and makes minecraft videos, that automaticly makes him a yogscast wannabe?

TheBojanglesPanda60 says:

@TheGuyWhoRatesShawn hahaha, he didnt even make one joke on that video. and there are tons of british people that play MC, u my friend need a life

Samuel Jackson says:

nice video its funny how the dispencer and buton match up i subbed 😉

lolzdragon97 says:

guys stfu about him being bad i would like to see u guys do better

TheGuyWhoRatesShawn says:

Why the fuck else would you put a video up?

TheGuyWhoRatesShawn says:

Just because you're British doesn't mean you're funny or good at minecraft, Yogscast wannabe

Gio says:

or u put arrows in and prank some1 😛

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