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Don’t know how to spend a boring day? You can create a whole world by doodling your fingers. You should draw on fingers by yourself and create different characters and start an adventure! Watch our video and you will learn how to create a doodle elephant with moving trunk, a couple that is in love or is going for a date, friends that return from a party with a drunk friend, a man jumping on a trampoline. Moreover, you can create a scene from a bank robbing movie or even a create your own film at home! Crab your black marker and start creating! You will have a lot of fun and you can boost your imagination!
Have you ever wanted to transfer a special photo or your favorite picture onto fabric or candles? We share an easy tutorial on how to transfer images on candles. Supplies you will need a candle, sheet of paper, tissue paper, marker, wax paper, hairdryer. Firstly, take a sheet of paper and cover with tissue paper. Choose any picture and draw it using a marker or markers of different colors. Cut out the picture and place on the candle, cover with wax paper. Secure the picture with paint tape and blow hot air on it for several minutes using a hair dryer or heat gun. Carefully remove the wax paper. Ready! It’s a cool way to make a personalized gift to your friends or family and to express love.
The next collection of lifehacks is about magnets, we prepared a collection of magnet tricks. You are going to have a lot of fun! You will be surprised how it’s easy to make a ferrofluid at home with only two ingredients. In a bowl, mix printer ink with a small amount of vegetable oil and stir. Take a magnet and hold it close to the liquid and watch how the liquid is attracted to it. Have fun!

00:09 Doodle adventures
07:13 How to transfer an image on a candle
09:55 Magnet tricks
11:04 Ferrofluid experiment
14:39 Hand painting

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5-Minute Crafts says:

Do you have a spyrograph?
More ideas to try:
0:09 Doodle adventures
7:13 How to transfer an image on a candle
9:55 Magnet tricks
11:04 Ferrofluid experiment
14:39 Hand painting
Best toy hacks https://youtu.be/bV_nCfuxaMI

Wakwaw Gaming says:

And now this is how you get skin cancer everyone!

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15:03 boi

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Who are you

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O seu canal é uma bosta???

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I love tickle you pants

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I love you and this channel

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0:09 that looks like susie
From a amazing world of gumball

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8:36 My everything face.

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00:42 what

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Maybe that's why they´recalled bunny ears

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This vid should be called how to get skin cancer seriously don,t do they hakes ???????

aniya simon says:

Some one sayed your the worst youtuber but i say no not really because some of your things work's im not sure tho cuzz i done notheing forreal but im an ceafter im 11 and i have dolls do you think you can do doll hacks?

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This might be the only useful thing on this channel

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It is so funny

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what to do on a bored day
Me:*watches vid*
Also me:get ink infection

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You should do a face reveal

How many people think dis 2

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You hand is not a paper!

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who saw almost all of these in previous vids?

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ill still be bored though

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