8 Glass Jar Crafts Perfect For Parents | Easy Craft Ideas | Craft Factory

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Put those empty jars to use and try making some of these awesome DIYs!


0:07 – Jar Lid Washing Up Sponge
1:23 – Sewing Equipment Holder
2:14 – Glow In The Dark Decoration
2:43 – Lemon Candle Diffuser
3:29 – Lego Heads Decorations
4:06 – Coral Reef Decoration
5:12 – Baby Products Condenser
6:16 – Fun Size Juice Jars

Craft Factory will teach you how to DIY – from upcycling old clothes to transforming food into pretty designs, we have it covered.

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Seema Gautam says:

1:17…..the result is such of nonsense type… ..

Amelia Sison says:

Haha 5:08 "CHILL"


I like the jelly one

Umme Hani Shaikh says:

3:11 I guess the leaves aren't real

Raya Khateeb says:

You love saxe me ilove

My Miss Suhana says:

4:01 emoji or logo

Huge Music Lover says:

Are 'fancify and 'juicify' even real words?

Michelle Warns says:

Omg, I need to make that fishy Jello! 😀

Hajarath Shaik says:

I want to tell that the candle needs oxygen to be burned but if u cover it then it will extinguish if u liked it this fact from this video the give very big thumbs up please

Clara Svensson says:

Ni är bäst.

My Miss Suhana says:

4.01 emoji or logo head

Terrarium & Crafts says:

I love jar crafts and adult crafts! Thanks for including us. Way too many kid crafts sometimes! Xx

Connie Clark says:

4.01 emojis or Lego heads

Vinay Porwal says:


Unknown 11 says:

Cool idea ?

Nelina Schoonens says:

Liker love ♥️

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