DIY Ender Dragon Minecraft Decor

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How to make a foam core Ender Dragon for Minecraft bedroom decor. Includes notations for skipping through the video at various stages.
Also check out the .pdf of measurements I used:

To Skip through the video:
0:17 Planning Stage (also see .pdf)
1:00 Cutting the foam core (snout piece)
2:34 Cutting Lower Jaw Angle
3:06 General assembly of pieces
3:56 How to get top piece measurements for snout/jaw
5:30 Assembling top snout
5:52 Assembling bottom jaw
6:15 The Nostrils
7:52 Planning Horn pieces
8:48 Cutting Horn pieces
9:55 Finished Horns
10:08 Finished Ender Dragon & general how-to

Please note I do not own any rights to the Minecraft brand whatsoever, my kid just wanted a Minecraft themed bedroom and there wasn’t a video on Ender Dragon decor. Enjoy!


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