Minecraft Room Makeover | DIY Minecraft Decor for Bedroom

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Our son is growing so fast and with that his interests are ever changing. So it’s risky to paint such bold and annoyingly tedious art on his walls. Over the last few years Minecraft has remained a growing interest and obsession for him. So we went for it. It was time consuming but not costly. We recycled all of his furniture by painting or just changing out his sheets. I added some lime green bucket from the Dollar Tree, and ordered a few things from Amazon. But most of this makeovers credit goes to the less than $20 spent on paint which transformed his boring gray walls into an interactive chalkboard wall. My son is thrilled and hangs out in his room all the time now. And I don’t blame him. I find myself sneaking in there looking for excuses to draw on his wall or chill on his bean bag chair.
Lol, this was a fun makeover for me to make, and it was also fun to spend time with my hubby watching him learn things about the kids he wishes he hadn’t ??
Anyhoo, I hope you enjoy this video. Next week’s video is my Daughter’s Harry Potter themed bedroom transformation. Which was also another fun one to do.
See you on the next one,

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