The Iron Golem Costume Project

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This is a video I made about the making of a Halloween Iron Golem costume for my son. It was inspired by YouTube user @Dan Sil.
I made the video mostly for practicing my video production skills and I had a lot of fun working on both creating the costume and this video.

Music of the video is inspired by my best TV show in the seventies. I want to thank YouTube user @STIKS1969 for allowing me to use his music cover. He does some really awesome work and you should visit his channel.


No dabs allowed says:

No… it just too good

THE BRINE PRO 18910 says:

well that funny

Thunder Cracker says:

Eeeeeeeeyaaaaaahoooooo!!!!! Iron golem costume is really awesome you guys are fantastic! (:-D

Giring Pangestu says:

:V Shi… What is it video like ** damn

colten bendickson says:

not that stupid that kids acting cool walking with his arms that way in like this way and that way so stupid kid ever he's ugly he's right to act cool his arms look like they're black he's black boy he's like a he's black black black black he's fucking shit

Dorian Baxter says:

Omg you win halloween, hands down

Brute banditVR says:

That is amazing

KareemKT says:

Love this video

Chris Yaw says:

Hey there- does anybody sell this costume – (like you) or do we have to make it?

matmasr says:

Here is link the files.  You will have to plan how to print these on 8.5 x 11 paper.  Some of the pics have an outline around page boundaries.

agscabbage says:

Thank you so much!  You have no idea how thankful I would be!!! 

matmasr says:

Yes I can share the images .. I will provide a link later tonight or tomorrow morning 

agscabbage says:

Are you willing to share your vector images…or whatever images you used for the printing? Pretty please???

OJT says:

how much money is it it for all the supplies?

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