Dencomm The Dungeon Model Kit Build Review HAPPY HALLOWEEN DEN-640

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Dencomm The Dungeon Model Kit Build Review HAPPY HALLOWEEN DEN-640
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Donald Finley says:

A hot glue gun wil give you some nice spider webs. Stretch it out on a different piece. Then glue in place. Also you can chech out the webcaster gun. Its a hot glue gun attached to an air compressor. Different colors available including glow in the dark.

MonkeysMustDie777 says:

@"hpiguys Workshop" Rumor has it that excellent spider web can be made from used dryer clothes softening sheets. Out of the box trey feel like soapy cloth, but after you retrieve them from the clothes dryer they are extremely soft and can be stretched and dissected easily. Since they're already in sheet form you're set for long spider webs.

James McAnsh says:

Hey Chris great builds!!! I'm new to your channel and really enjoy your work and enthusiasm in your voice. Have you ever did a video on your collection so far ?. If not could you I think it would be awesome to check out. Greetings from Canada

Jon Nantau says:

Awesome job you did there.

Thomas Willis says:

Fantastic build. Looks great!

Moonwalker Models says:

Wow, I really like how that turned out! Really like the Modge Podge for the water effects!!

XRLENT Props & Models says:

Awesome build Chris. The best stuff I've found for spider webs is the stuff that you can buy for Halloween to decorate your house. It's very fine and looks perfect.

James Sale says:

as usual – your builds are the most informative and video is so well done. GREAT paint and shade and design. I hope others try it – I will. Carry on . . .

mike breazeale says:

Very cool build up. I like it a lot. Nicely done!

mfaria99 says:

Great job, as always. I really liked the way you bent the trap door open – very creative idea!

monsterfan57 says:

Excellent work again! Thanks for sharing, Happy Halloween!

Dansmodelworx says:

Really, really cool! Great job!

Whirly Boi says:

Happy (almost) Halloween!

Clayton McClain says:

That's awesome what a great build.

Transition Modeller says:

Very cool build

Vincent Weston says:

That is GREAT!!!  It looks just like my dungeon…I mean workshop. =D  It came out really cool with excellent details.  Maybe you can use tiny strands of hot glue for webs.  I wish I had a good idea for you.

classicplastic101 says:

That is way to cool, super Halloween build!

WikdSeafood says:

That stone work came out excellent. Hey, I picked a very cool model recently. It's a Revell First Gen Ford Bronco.. It looks like a great kit!

Charlie Mac says:

Outstanding job ?
This build scored ?????
5 slices on the Pepperoni Pizza Scale. There is none higher. ✌

Larry Brown says:

Awesome. I wonder if the spider woman would have looked better with a different color body??? Maybe redish skin tone or greenish? But I agree, as is she just didn't look like she belonged. What are the…I don't know what to call them. On the top and bottom of the cage there is a piece sticking out with a hole? I might have removed those. But other than that…awesome!

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