Minecraft: Flower Pot (DIY)

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Minecraft Flower Pot DIY! Today I’ll be showing you how to make a Minecraft Flower Pot to bring you Minecraft in real life.

This will be our first Minecraft DIY and we’ll be crafting a Minecraft Flower Pot! The Minecraft Flower Pot can be placed as desk décor or around your bedroom! It’s a cute and easy Minecraft DIY craft that will add a touch of realistic Minecraft to your life!

Items you will need for your Minecraft Flower Pot DIY:
● Flower Pot – $2.99 at Michaels
● Two Sheets of Photo Paper
● Mixing Tray – You can use anything that you don’t mind getting paint on.
● Paint – Brown and Orange Spice (Craft Smart) $0.79 each at Michaels
● Clear Tape
● Foam Brush – $1.99 at Michaels (came with a set of 8), I also saw them at the dollar store.
● Glue Stick
● Scissors

● Minecraft Red Tulip Flower Template:
If you’re using precut photo paper ► http://i.imgur.com/CLCzU4w.png
If you’re using a standard sheet of paper use ► http://i.imgur.com/voNySk8.jpg
● Minecrat Yellow Dandelion Flower Template:
If you’re using precut photo paper (or set image to print 4 by 6) ► http://i.imgur.com/uNTrqdi.png

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altfaith says:

i really want to make these!

jose bernal says:

WOW ZaiL?????

Luis Dunk says:

Where did you get the flower photo paper

JadaSnacks says:

what nail color is that!?

Luis Dunk says:

Cool ?????

GABRIEL GAMER Santos says:

Tis so cute!

•Angxl• says:

This was so helpful and I made a miniature one!

LouLou says:

Have just gone to make the Dandilion but the image isn’t mirror image like the tulip is.. I can’t glue them back to back??

DashingZanyDirector says:

I used stain 😛

Gerry Loughran says:

Hi Sainsbury’s

Anii _mm says:

Why do you get dislikes like your the best person in the world(XD idk where that came from)you and Ricky are the cutest couple ever

leah santos says:

OMG i love your vids

leah santos says:

OMG i love your vids

Jessie Slade says:

Your a very good diy projects I watched your other diy projects videos

Jasmine Guerrero says:

Who is watching in 2018??

Thao Duyen Tong says:

This colour combo reminds me of Christmas ?

Andrea TalonandKylee says:

Boooooooo. Zai. ????????

epic flower says:

I subscribed

Shirley Smith says:

So cool

X._ Islah _.X says:

Soo cute yass

jojo’s world says:

The pot is the color of my porch

Nerd Gamer says:

I gave it to my teachers and they loved it

Mika Inelus says:

Zai good job

Kawaii Kawaii_lover says:

ai find the difference ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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