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DIY tutorial creative ideas for how to make DIY Perler/Hama Beads Princess Peach for the new Minecraft – Wii U Edition Super Mario Mash-Up DLC Pack . I hope you enjoy my first DIY project! [More]
Slime Sam loves video games. And he even wants to play them in real life! This time he made a Super Mario obstacle course to save his precious candy. Super Mario IRL – that’s how [More]
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Model name: Human Difficulty level: 1 Material: Square paper sheet Lists of models: 1. Origami: 2. Papercraft: Copyright: 1. Thumbnail created by
In this weeks PicMonkey Monday Video, I am going to teach you how to make your own Super Mario Capri Sun Labels – using my Capri Sun Label templates. You are also welcome to download [More]
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Here’s a fantastic idea for your Super Mario Bros. Party! These snack bar food card printables are a fast and easy way to make your party amazing — it’s party decor, activity, treats, and favors, [More]
Marshmallow Minecraft Creeper Lollipop – Super Easy and Fun You’ll need Square Marshmallow Jello Lime Candy Melts(Black or Dark Chocolate) or Black icing Water Lollipop Stick Places to find me: ♥Subscribe YouTube Channel: ♥ [More]