ip minecraftparty.com I CANT WIN A SINGLE MINIGAME!!!!!! _:(
Throw the best Minecraft party ever with this Minecraft party DIY! These mining kits were a total hit! The kids were obsessed! They “mined” for precious gemstones for almost 45 minutes! They were so excited! [More]
DIY food decorations for kids birthday party
Minecraft Tree 3D Realistic Cupcake Holder stands at 15 x 8 x 25 inches height. Minecraft fans & kids will surely love this minecraft DIY stand that is suitably “BEST” for minecraft themed parties! Created [More]
Lets create a decoration for party at home. This is easy and simple handmade paper craft, you can easily make it. This decoration looks very colorful and beautiful. Decor your home or room with this [More]
In this video I share ideas to plan a birthday party from Dollar Tree! Carson is turning 3…ah! Being 9 months pregnant, I was so fortunate that my mom planned this entire party and we [More]
You can download and print the DIY Minecraft Steve Head & Minecraft Alphabet Letters at the given links below 😀 Steve Head – http://www.stevelange.net/2011/10/24/making-your-own-minecraft-steve-head-from-pdfs/ Alphabet Letters – http://alphabetsbymonicamichielin.blogspot.com/2017/10/minecraft-alfabeto-png-minecraft.html For the sword, just search in google [More]
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