How to make miniature realistic cardboard house – Among Us fullhouse Bedroom , computer room , cafeteria , O2 ~ Thank you , Enjoy it !
*There is one bead that is misplaced for the arm piece, so please check the annotation stating the small error. Also, I know I forgot the shoes so please check out my zombie tutorial where [More]
Learn how to customize a Rubik’s cube, with the theme of video games Minecraft and marios bros. Materials: – Rubik’s Cube – Glue – Brush – Scissors – Printed designs Rubik’s Cube Printable Link: [More]
#butterfly #origami #easy #paper hi welcome to my first video so this video is about how you can build your own butterfly without using glue so watch till end and you will be able to [More]
So I’ve been a bit sick lately, if you couldn’t tell from my voice. I have lots of big tests, labs, and presentations as exams near, so I’m sorry that I haven’t uploaded videos as [More]